Fishing Report 5 June, 2014

We just had the 2 Trips since last report being on Thursday & Sunday. Thursday was a top day with calm conditions with our main catch being Parrot. The other species landed were Moses & Pearl Perch, Gold spot wrasse & Longtail Tuna. Conditions were very ordinary on Sunday, after crossing the Bar & it was a slow trip out to about 15 miles NEast of the Bar.

Fish were straight on the chew with good Squire, Moses Perch & the odd Parrot in the Box. Mack Tuna appeared & stretched some arms & we bagged a few for Bait. On moving we just scratched up a feed here & there before noticing a water spout not far away. It was time to batten down as the heavens opened & we had solid rain for well over an hour. As soon as the rain eased a little we headed closer to home where we found clear skies, picking up a few Moses Perch & Parrot. Near the Bar we picked up a few Spotties & more Moses Perchending quite an eventful day.
With Charters booked for 3 days, fingers crossed for this weekend butthe Charts don,t look good going offshore.

Till next week- Good Fishing.