Fishing Report January 2018


To all those who like reading fishing reports, sorry for the lack of them over the last year, while i do a monthly report in the paper i have been unable to publish on this site, problem fixed now and will keep regular reports.

So a bit of a catch up on Sept 2017 - Jan 2018.  The last 3 months has produced some amazing fishing with several trips putting quality big Red Emperor into the box and big smiles on peoples faces, some of these amazing big Reds have been 14-15kg fish with quite a lot in the 12kg area.  Snapper in the 6-8kg range have also been common however not in such great numbers, we had a couple of bag out days but thankfully other species have been great.  Pearl Perch have been awesome with good numbers and great size, plenty of days bagged out and many in the 3kg area and several around 5-6kgs which are monster pearlies, have a scroll back thru face book to see photos of all these fish.  Out wide has been full of surprises with Coral Trout to 6kg, large Wrass and Parrot, Husser galore, Cod, Sweetlip, Moses, Perch, Goldban Snapper, Cobia, Tuna, AJ'S and lots of action with Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish).  New electronics and searching heaps for new grounds has been working well and it's a big ocean so happy days ahead.

Cheers Mat

Fishing Report August 2017

With water temps staying a little higher than usual this year its been a little slower in close for the Snapper, whilst we had a few quick bag out days they didn't seem to stay around to long in numbers.  Quality Snapper around the 6-8kg mark have been coming onboard tho along with some great Red Emperor and Sweetlip.  Out wider has been fishing great with Reds, Snapper, Pearl & Moses Perch, Parrot & Husser in big numbers, Cod, Wrass and Cobia.

Cheers Mat

Fishing Report September 2016

After some great Snapper Fishing in August ,that species has become a little harder to locate. Fish in the 2-3kg range have been coming onboard which are the better eating size anyway. The 5kg Fish and over went off the boil but maybe they will spawn after this moon in September. Pearl Perch have been one of our main catches, mostly from the close & mid range reefs. Parrot have been another popular catch & if you can drift over the wider grounds they are in good Numbers. Moses Perch Cod, Amberjack, Sweetlip and lots of Hussar, have made up the catch. Pelagics have been a bit quiet so far although we have come home with a few Longtails. Hopefully the Dolphin Fish will turn up in October. 

Till next month Good Fishing & Stay Safe.

Fishing Report August 2016

Offshore conditions over the last month have been good except for the usual Southeast changes, but swells have been slight. With 15 trips booked in 18 days we were hoping for a good run but as I write the weather may limit this to 10. Some good Snapper have been landed on the close and wider grounds along with Pearl Perch, Parrot, Moses Perch, Sweetlip, Scarlet Sea Perch, Hussar and Gold Spot cod. With the School Holidays fast approaching hopefully we will get some perfect Spring weather. 

Till next month-Good Fishing.

Fishing Report July 2016

Since last months report we have done quite a few trips offshore and returned with some very good catches. Snapper have now returned in good numbers with a couple of bag outs already. Some Snapper have been over 6kg but most in the quality eating size of 2-4kg.

Some good Red Emperor have also come onboard with the biggest at 14kg. Some quality Pearl Perch have also been landed but mainly from the inshore reefs. Other species to make up our catches have included Moses Perch, Grass Sweetlip, Gold Spot Cod, with Hussar and Parrot from the wider grounds.

Hopefully we have seen the last of the South easterlies for a while and we can get some settled weather for the remainder of Winter.