Fishing Report June 2016

Trips have not been as plentiful as May due firstly to slipping our vessel for the Annual Anti foul and Gearbox servicing. After 1 trip we unfortunately hit some under water obstruction so it was back to the slipway. Gearbox damage was done so after Insurance assessment we were off the water for just on 2 weeks.

Between patches of bad weather we are finally operational with some nice Fish coming aboard including a bag out on Snapper. Other species landed included Parrot, Moses Perch, Sweetlip and Jobfish. As I write another rain system is passing to the South, so with the Westerlies returning seas should flatten quickly. With a return to Westerlies Sea temps should also drop, hopefully improving Fishing on the closer reefs.

Until next month enjoy your time on the water & Stay Safe..

Fishing Report May 2016

For the month of May, I cannot remember such a good run of weather at the Coast. The mornings have cooled but there is no sign of Winter yet. Our catches offshore have been a bit above average this month but Snapper are conspicuous by there absence.

Last month we bagged out on Snappery Squire, followed by good catches of Pearl Perch but they have also been quieter. Moses perch have been in good schools & drifting for Parrot has been very rewarding,with a big bagout one day. Finding a new ledge has produced some big catches of Hussar including a Bagout . This spot has also produced a nice 11.5 kg Red Emperor, some big Gold Spot Wrasse & a couple of Trout. Maori Cod & Gold Spot cod have also been a big catch on the wider grounds.

If the Snapper arrive when the water Temp cools, there should be some great Winter Fishing. By the time this goes to print the vessel would have been on the slip for the Annual clean & major service & ready for Winter.

Till next month—Good Fishing.

Fishing Report April 2016

Towards the end of March through to Mid April the weather improved to allow plenty of trips offshore which helped make up for the dismal February weather.
But as I write this(16th) we are coming off a windy week with little hope of improvement over the next week. With 3 Holiday weekends in a row we can only hope the weather pattern changes for the better. With the good weather came very good catches offshore.

A bit of a surprise as the Summer – Autumn is not renownedfor big catches. Bagging out on Snapper & Pearl Perch was very good so the Fish population may be healthier than many believe. With no flooding rains this year that normally means drought on land – drought on the Ocean.
Anyway that theory is wrong this year , with our main catches including Snappery Squire, Pearl Perch, Sweetlip, Parrot, Hussar, Moses Perch, Gold Spot Wrasse, Red Emperor and the odd Spotty Mackerel.

Till next month - Enjoy your Fishing..

Fishing Report January 14, 2016

We had 3 trips offshore this week with 1 trip a bit below average but some nice Fish were still landed on all trips. The current was quite strong making it more difficult to feel the bites. Sharks were again to the fore and caused many good fish to be lost. We mainly Fished the closer Reefs where current was a bit lighter, with our main catches consisting of Pearl & Moses Perch. Other species landed included Parrot, Squire, Sweetlip and Maori Cod. Holiday makers have had a Pearler of a week this week, but that looks like being short lived with Strong winds returning for the weekend putting paid to offshore activity. Hopefully next week & leading up to the Holiday weekend we will be back to some more great weather. 

Just before Finishing some of you may have seen the Hay convoy to the Western Qld Drought area shown on the TV News. At the end of the month we have another load of supplies leaving from Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay and Gympie area. We are still seeking Donations to fill this load, so if you can help please call below. Any Grocery items, Biscuits, Fruit Cakes, Toys, and Clothes would be most welcome as the drought enters its 5th year-Thankyou.

Tony Stewart, 54868666.

Fishing Report December 31, 2015

We have had 2 trips offshore since Xmas eve with some nice Fish landed. We have fished quite close to shore to keep inside the Northerly current. Conditions on both days were excellent with very little wind or swell. Catches included some more Big Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) up to 12 kg’s, Snapper, Mackerel, Parrot, Red Emperor, Gold spot cod, Pearl & Moses Perch and Sweet Lip. The Southerly change has put paid to any offshore activity since Sunday and it could last into the weekend. Its bad luck for those with bookings but we cannot control the weather, maybe Sunday & Monday OK?

Till next week- Take Care on the Water (Check Forecasts), have a Safe & Happy N/Year.