Fishing Report December 17, 2015

No Fishing since last week on Baitrunner. We did have a trip Wednesday but as it was a special long distance job all decided 15-20 knots was a bit much. There will be a better day for this trip but the weather doesn’t look all that good in the next week. Being so hot down South we will continue to get Southeasters, so the weekend may also be a no go. At present I would stick to the Straits where Muddies have started to move with Sand Crabs still about as well. I hope someone can catch that pot raider these Holidays & give him whatfor..  Flathead have probably been the main catch over the last few weeks with Whiting, Bream and Flatties being taken from the Beach. As we probably don’t have a paper next Friday I would like to wish you all a Merry Xmas and have a Safe Holiday season.

Fishing Report December 10, 2015

We just had the one trip offshore this week on Wednesday. Sea conditions were perfect with little wind or swell.  We travelled to the wider grounds but found the current to be reasonably strong but landed a few Pearlies, Parrot & Hussar. We must have caught & released 30 Maori Cod without a keeper. Late morning we moved closer to shore and found a good school of Moses Perch on just average size but nearly all keepers. Then followed a good bite on Pearl Perch which really kept everyone satisfied. The northerlies look like returning tomorrow and another SE change Saturday, hopefully with a few showers. With just a week or 2 until Xmas anyone wanting a present we have printed vouchers available.

Till next week, Good Fishing.

Fishing Report December 3, 2015

Over the last week we have just had the 1 Trip offshore, but cancelled another 2 due to Northerly winds. Now we have a very strong Southeaster making the coming weekend look a little unlikely for Boating. This week we had to have our Annual Life raft service in Brisbane which puts us off the water anyway. Our last trip on Saturday produced some big Pearlies, but we had to work really hard to put a reasonable feed in the box. Other species landed were Moses Perch, Parrot, Squire, Maori Cod and Hussar. Hopefully the current will disappear for a few days after the Southeaster and we can enjoy some great Fishing. With a bit of luck the Mackerel will also make an appearance before Xmas.

Till next week, Good Fishing.

Fishing Report November 19, 2015

Just the 1 trip offshore since last report although we are back out today (Thursday). In trying conditions last Friday with a strong current we picked up an average feed of Nice Reefies. One couple went home with 15 and another with 10 so for them that’s a good day out for this time of year. Our main catch was Pearl Perch, closely followed by Moses Perch. Other species were Snappery Squire, Sweetlip, Parrot, Maori Cod and Dolphin Fish. The forecast for the weekend looks quite good so that won’t be before time as we have had a lot of weekends blown out.

Till next week, Good Fishing.

Fishing Report November 12, 2015

Over the past week we just did the one trip offshore, but we are back again today. We cancelled 2 for the week as the bad run of weather continues. This weekend will probably be canned again as the Northerlies return. By 11am last Sunday all onboard had had enough as we were in fairly heavy rain for a while with Lightning cracking all around us. The current was also running which made fishing difficult with a big Group onboard, so a deal was done and they shall return in better conditions. Our first drop did produce some nice Squire but twice as many were undersize. Other species landed were Moses Perch, Parrot & Maori Cod.

Till next week, Good Fishing.