Fishing Report May 2016

For the month of May, I cannot remember such a good run of weather at the Coast. The mornings have cooled but there is no sign of Winter yet. Our catches offshore have been a bit above average this month but Snapper are conspicuous by there absence.

Last month we bagged out on Snappery Squire, followed by good catches of Pearl Perch but they have also been quieter. Moses perch have been in good schools & drifting for Parrot has been very rewarding,with a big bagout one day. Finding a new ledge has produced some big catches of Hussar including a Bagout . This spot has also produced a nice 11.5 kg Red Emperor, some big Gold Spot Wrasse & a couple of Trout. Maori Cod & Gold Spot cod have also been a big catch on the wider grounds.

If the Snapper arrive when the water Temp cools, there should be some great Winter Fishing. By the time this goes to print the vessel would have been on the slip for the Annual clean & major service & ready for Winter.

Till next month—Good Fishing.