Fishing Report April 2016

Towards the end of March through to Mid April the weather improved to allow plenty of trips offshore which helped make up for the dismal February weather.
But as I write this(16th) we are coming off a windy week with little hope of improvement over the next week. With 3 Holiday weekends in a row we can only hope the weather pattern changes for the better. With the good weather came very good catches offshore.

A bit of a surprise as the Summer – Autumn is not renownedfor big catches. Bagging out on Snapper & Pearl Perch was very good so the Fish population may be healthier than many believe. With no flooding rains this year that normally means drought on land – drought on the Ocean.
Anyway that theory is wrong this year , with our main catches including Snappery Squire, Pearl Perch, Sweetlip, Parrot, Hussar, Moses Perch, Gold Spot Wrasse, Red Emperor and the odd Spotty Mackerel.

Till next month - Enjoy your Fishing..