Fishing Report July 23, 2015

Since our last report we have just managed the 2 Trips for the week. On the New Moon we had to work really hard to manage a reasonable catch, as the Squire & Snapper were on strike. We tried close inshore before moving out wider with the same result. We still managed a catch of Pearl Perch, Squire, Parrot, Moses Perch and Maori Cod.

Last Friday with a strong Westerly blowing the crew that were here for the weekend, begged to get out and it turned into a tough day, but from all reports they had a great time. We managed to land mainly Pearlies, with a few Squire, Moses Perch and Sweetlip on the close reefs. 

We cancelled the Brisbane crew last Saturday due to the forecast but it turned out to be the best day. The winds have been up since Sunday, and so our next trip won't be till late in the week. This July would have to be the coldest& wettest in Rainbow Beach in my 22 years here. So what happened to Global Warming and El Nino? Don't worry just take it day by day, history repeats itself and one day there will be another Ice Age or a Big Bang and we won't know about it. 

Keep Fishing!!