Fishing Report 25 December, 2014

Just had 1 trip this week. It wasn't that pleasant heading out into the Southeaster
but conditions improved during the day to near perfect.

We fished the closer Reefs for a good average catch of Reefies and 3 good Dolphinfish.
Main species landed were Pearl & Moses Perch,Squire, Parrot & a Gold Spot Cod.
It's good to have the Bonus of Pelagic species arriving although Mackerel have only been
sporadic so far,but Dolphinfish are about & a good size as well.

Last week I saw a couple of Marlin jump out wider so might have a crack at them shortly for a bit of sport. We won't be keeping any Gold Spot cod over about 10 kgs in future as there rate of survival from juveniles is very Low. I believe the ratio is 8 to Legal from 8Million eggs.!!

Take a Pic & try to get the breeders back down..
For those heading offshore please remember its nearly Swell time on the Bar—Be Careful.
If you want a trip offshore, don,t leave it too late. Days are filling up.(54868666.)

Well hope you all had a great Xmas- Stay Safe.