Fishing Report 18 December, 2014

We only had the 1 trip offshore this week in perfect weather conditions Tuesday.
We checked the run 8 miles out and it was perfect so headed out wide only to find
the current running at 1knot. Not having a full crew we were able to mainly drift but
the bite was slow until about 12pm when we found a patch of Pearlies that were hungry.

Other species landed were Parrot, Moses Perch, Hussar and the odd Squire.
Most went home with 1/2 doz Fish and I didn,t here of any better reports for the day.
Hopefully leading to the full & New moons the bite will improve.
The weather ahead looks like more Southeasters, which are better than Northerlies ,lets
hope they are not 20 knots.

Till next week –Good Fishing and to all those that supported us this year we wish you a
Merry Xmas & Happy N/Year and Stay Safe on & off the water.