Fishing Report 15 May, 2014

Well there have been no Scales on our vessel this week, and with the continuing Southeast wind it could be late next week before we see any offshore action. We thought Winter arrived 2 weeks ago but with the un-seasonally high pressure system in the Tasman, it has been a perfect warm start to Winter in Victoria. Doesn't the Gympie show attract Rain & cold winds, well not this year. 

It will be interesting to see if the Mackerel have stayed around, as they were in good No's before this Blow.  Pearl Perch have been in good No's on the closer reefs, with Snappery Squire just starting to school up also. The wider grounds were also Fishing well before the weather changed. 

In the straits Mud & Sand crabs have both been caught in good No's.If you want to put in the time there have been reports of Jewiesalong the front of Rainbow.

Till next week- Good luck,