Fishing Report 10 July, 2014

Over the past week we have enjoyed some great weather down on the Coast. It's great to see the Westerlies arrive to cool the water temp.

Just the 3 trips over the week with catches being pretty good. Tuesday was a bit quieter than the previous 2 trips. Our main catches have been Parrot, with a few Honkers, Squire, Pearl and Moses Perch, Sweetlip, Hussar Gold Spot Wrasse & the odd Trout.

Saturday should be the next trip,then again Mid week after the Blow. Finally there are a lot of Tagged Fish offshore with only 1 Recapture reported during the Rainbow Comp. There must have been more caught than that as our vessel had managed 1/2 Dozen. The Gov't is dependent on success for the money they have put in to this project and without the info required, who wants tighter bag limits?

That's it for this week ,till next week Good Fishing.