Fishing Report 1 May, 2014

Well this week we managed 3 Trips offshore before the big South East blow. Conditions were only fair with Saturday heading to 20knots plus. The first 2 days we fished the wider Eastern grounds for good Parrot, Cobia, Snappery Squire, Pearl Perch, Gold spot Wrasse, Hussar and a few Pearlies. Saturday in choppy conditions we fished the closer grounds for a nice catch of Pearl Perch, Frying Pan Snapper, Sweetlip, Parrot, Moses Perch & a few Spotties.

Another trip is planned towards the end of the week before the start of the Westerlies which arrive Saturday and they will really cool things down. Hopefully the water temp will soon cool down allowing the bigger Snapper to move into shallower water.

Till next week, good Fishing.