Fishing Report 20 Feb, 2014


Welcome to another weekly Fishing report from Rainbow Beach. We had just the one trip offshore for the week and in perfect conditions we came home with a very good catch for this time of year.

009 (1).jpg

We fished East of the Bar and experienced very little current run. With just 6 punters, my Son & Grandson, I was able to have a Fish and put a few Fillets away(what a change). Our catch was made up of Squire, Pearl Perch, Parrot, Moses Perch,Trag Jew, Spangled Emperor, Hussar, , Cobia & a lot of Maori Cod. It would have to be our biggest haul ever of Maori Cod.

The next few days look perfect for offshore Fishing, but Baitrunner is now in Tin Can Bay Marina for the yearly clean up & motor servicing. This is not good timing as I believe there are a few Spaniards about & the weather is fine. Next week I will be writing from Victoria where the Snapper are really firing with Gummy Sharks in good numbers also.

Our next trip offshore will be around 10th April, till then Good fishing.