Fishing Report 30 Jan, 2014

Just the one trip offshore last Saturday in just perfect conditions. It has been blowing a Gale since we moored the vessel Sat night. This weather pattern could be with us for another week. What we need is a big rain, but it's all in the North at present.

The current was still running last Saturday but Fish bit quite well. The main species landed included Parrot, Squire, Moses Perch, Pearl Perch and Maori Cod, Sweetlip, Hussar and Gold Spot wrasse added to the tally.

This weekend will be blown out, but hopefully by the 8th it will be OK as we have good bookings .I have had reports of some big catches of Flathead in the Straits. This person releases nearly all his Fish with all being Lure caught.

Till next week- Keep Safe.