Fishing Report 7 August, 2014

We had 2 Trips late last week before the weather turned foul at the weekend.
It has been blowing close to 30 knots all week and will not abate for some time.

I will not be operating this weekend as I will be in Victoria anyway.
Last Thursday we fished the wider reefs for a nice bin of Snappery Squire,
Parrot, Red Emperor, Maori Cod, Moses and Pearl Perch & Hussar.
On Friday we found the Current roaring so headed back to the close reefs and
picked up some Big Cod, Snapper, Parrot, Pearl Perch, Sweetlip and a good catch of Moses Perch.

I don't have any reports from the Straits as I know the crabbing has gone quiet, but
the Beach has been producing a few Tailor and some Jewies.

Till next week, Stay Safe.