Fishing Report 19 Dec, 2013

Well no trips offshore this week, with our next trip on Saturday. This trip is fully booked, so just a reminder if you are planning a trip after Xmas don't leave booking till the last minute as we are heavily booked in the N Year –Xmas period.

Hopefully we will get a better run of weather than last year and the Fish will be on the chew. The Mackerel have not really shown up yet, with just the one hit on them about 3 weeks ago. With the amount of bait out there they should appear soon.

In the bay there are still reports coming in of good catches of Mud Crabs. With the water stirred up after the rain we might see some better catches of Mangrove Jack coming in. The Kauri Creek area has produced some big Whiting lately.

Till next week-Good Fishing.