Fishing Report 12 Dec, 2013

Just the 1 Trip offshore this week, and it was another tough day.I think we circumnavigated the Bay in search of the big one.The Family onboard wanted Mackerel, but no luck there.

We fished the close reefs for Squire, Pearl Perch,and Scarlet Sea Perch.We have trips on Sunday and Monday but the Soueaster could be back by then. It is terrific sitting here seeing the rain fall. A great start to the wet season for those out West that have had it really tough.

I have heard of some terrific catches of Mud Crabs in the Straits. Apparently the deeper water is the go. I believe Fishing in the Straits has been tough as the water has become so clear. We definately need 4-6 inches of rain to fire up the Straits.

Till next week - Keep Safe.