Fishing Report 12 Sep, 2013

Well this week we have just had the 2 trips offshore. Winds have been very unpredictable just like the current run. Yesterday the current dropped off and lets hope for the same tomorrow (Saturday).

Last Saturday we didn't land many legal Squire but yesterday we had a better catch. Last Saturday we got mainly Pearlies, Cobia, Gold Spot Cod. Other species to make up the catch were, Parrot, Moses Perch and Hussar.

Yesterday, in great conditions, we landed Snappery Squire, Pearlies, Parrot, Hussar, Moses Perch, Gold Spot Wrasse and some Rosy Jobfish. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more of the same!

Well done LNP, looks like our Fishing Zones are safe. What happened to the Greens? That's what you deserve for talking rubbish. Well by the time the next Election comes around I won't have to worry as much as I will be well retired, but I will be still helping the Fisherman's cause.

Till next week - Good Fishing.