Fishing Report Aug 22, 2013

With better weather since last weeks report we have managed 5 trips offshore.

Catches have been good except for last Friday when  conditions were not really favourable for Fishing but better for Sailing.

Saturday was our best day on the Snapper, then the following day they shut down.

A lot of this Fish behavior I'm sure is due to the Northerlies which are our dominant winds for this time of year.

One species that has shown up in really good No's has been Frying Pan Snapper. This species gets to about 2kg's and is one of our best eating Fish.

Other main species landed have been Pearl Perch, Moses Perch, Parrot, Scarlet Sea Perch, Spangled Emperor, Hussar and Gold Spot Cod.

It looks as though the good weather will hold till Saturday with Sunday looking a bit doubtful at this stage as Soueasters return.

It is freezing this morning (Wed) so hopefully the Snapper will be here tomorrow.