Fishing Report Aug 14, 2013

 Well just the 2 trips offshore since our last report.

This was over last weekend in very good conditions with the current finally dropping off on Sunday.

The wind has been all over the place with the dreaded North- Norwesters increasing most days to 20-25 knots.

Saturday we fished country not touched by us for months but the bite was slow.

We ended up closer to shore picking up a few good Pearlies. Other species landed included Snappery Squire, Parrot , Maori Cod and Gold Spot Cod.

Sunday in perfect conditions we started with some good Snappery Squire before a Shark seemed to end that. Later we pulled some reasonable Pearlies once we got away from a huge school of undersized Reds. Other species to come onboard were Parrot, Moses Perch, the odd Spangled Emperor and Jobfish.

Today Wednesday 14th we have just returned from another trip offshore.

Winds were meant to be around 20 knots from the Norwest but conditions were pretty good all day. Due to the forecast we travelled North & returned with an average catch. This was made up of Snappery Squire, Parrot, Frying Pan Snapper, Moses Perch, Sweetlip, Gold Spot Cod and Scarlet Sea Perch to 8 kgs.

Thursdays trip is cancelled as winds continue to be unpredictable, but mainly from the North-Northwest.

Hopefully Friday will be OK and the Southeasters not too strong.