Fishing Report May 9, 2013

Once again the winds have continued from the Southeast,but hopefully there may be a day or two early next week to get offshore again. It looks like more of the Southeast weather again later next week.

We did manage 1 day out last Saturday and during the day conditions settled down and it was a perfect day.

The Fish were hungry and bit most of the day.The boys onboard suffered from a self inflicted illness and at least 5 were not well all day. The crew had to catch a lot of fish to make up for there absence.

The days catch was made up of Snappery squire,Pearl Perch,Parrot,Hussar and Moses Perch and to finish the day some big trevally stretched the boys arms.

No Legal Reds were landed but 50 undersize would have been landed,so the future looks healthy.

In the Straits Mud Crabs continue to be taken along with Sandies.

I have heard of some big Flathead being landed over Tin Can way,but that's all.

Beach Fishing has been blown out with the Soueasters and check conditions before heading to DI Point as I have heard it is only accessible at Low tide.

Well it was great to get away for a month and I certainly didn't miss much good Fishing weather here .The weather down South was perfect where the big dry is starting to hit hard.