Fishing Report May 16, 2013

Well this week we have a little more to report as we did 2 trips offshore.

In ideal conditions on Tuesday we did a fun trip out with my son and a few old mates.

We travelled out 8 miles and pulled some nice Squire ,then decided to go wider as the wind eased.

Our first drop produced a lot of nice Parrot, Hussar, Squire and Moses Perch.Then the first Big Fish of the day was sharked. We still managed to get 10kg of the Amberjack onboard.

Other species landed were Gold Spot Wrasse, Spangled Emperor and Pearl Perch before a big School of Tea Leaf Trevally moved in. We moved then closer in and pulled another dozen Squire.

Yesterday(Wednesday)was meant to be 5-10knots variable so we again went out wide but with a 15-20knot Westerly and current running, conditions were not as comfortable.

We still managed a nice bag of Fish. Once again the main species were Parrot, Squire, Hussar, Gold Spot Wrasse Spangled Emperor and a Trout.

Now the Westerlies are here, hopefully a few more Snapper will appear in on the close reefs.

In the Straits, Wayne from Rainbow Beach tackle reports that the Mud Crabs are still being taken in good numbers and anyone contemplating Beach travel, well the sand is coming back.