Fishing Report June 27, 2013

Well its time for the weekly Fishing report from Rainbow Beach.

We have more news from offshore as we have had 4 trips since last week.

The weather has been a bit up & down especially last weekend when winds were a bit stronger than expected.

Catches improved,especially now the larger Snapper have made an appearance.

One crew from Brisbane who have been coming up for years had a blinder,with there bag of Snapper in the bin by 9.30.We had to move from the area after tag & releasing Snapper up to 50cms,to find other species.We did top up the esky with Parrot, Hussar, Amberjack, Pearl & Moses Perch.

Rougher conditions Sunday still produced a nice catch of Snappery Squire, Red Emperor,Parrot,Hussar,Pearl & Moses Perch.

Yesterday fishing a new area we found great shows of Fish but did not bite as well probably being a few days after the moon.

Conditions were good and the main catch was made up of Squire,Parrot,Hussar,Moses Perch Gold Spot Wrasse and the odd Pearly.

Our trips over the next few days look a bit uncertain as winds once again freshen from the Southeast, with bigger swells as well.

In the Straits Whiting and Sand Crabs seem to be on the go and at Inskip I have had reports of Queenfish being taken.