Fishing Report 27 Nov, 2013

Well this week has flown by and I don't have much fishing news from the Coast.
We havn't been out this week, but I did hear of one boat that struck it lucky
and came back with a good feed. 

The wind was in the North and the Barometer was very low which normally means stay at home, but 1 reef produced the goods. The main species caught this week were Pearl Perch, Parrot and a few Squire.
We have a Charter today (Thursday) and it looks like winds are only backing off
for the 1 day, before picking up again Friday to ruin another weekend offshore.

The Sandy Straits are producing a lot of Winter Whiting up inside Fraser Island.
On the Mainland side around Kauri Creek there have been good catches of Flathead.

Update. 28/11.
It was a tough day offshore today,as most reefs shut down and from reports it
seems to be the same on the Sunshine & Gold Coasts.
We didn,t land any Squire,maily Parrot(12),a few Moses Perch & Coral Bream.
With the winds getting up our next trip looks like 3/12.

Till next week- Good fishing.