Fishing Report 21 Nov, 2013

Well this last week has been quite eventful.
Twice we were caught just outside Carlo Pt. in storms.
I can't remember hail like we experienced in the last 20 yrs.

On Saturday we got a few Mackerel, but didn't try for long as most
of the crew wanted reef fish. We fished some of the closer reefs and managed a feed of Pearl Perch, Squire, Parrot, Gold Spot Cod, Moses Perch and 7 Frying Pan Snapper.

Sunday we again fished for reefies and managed to catch some Big Maori Cod, Gold Spot Cod, Squire, Pearl and Moses Perch with the odd Parrot.

I am not sure whats happening this weekend as some of Saturday's crew have
pulled the pin and the weather could be a bit iffy.
At Inskip the Gt's are still being landed with the odd Queenfish.
The rain has certainly flushed out the Muddies with some good reports
from the Straits this week.
Don't forget the closed season on Barramundi either, the fines are Big.

Till next week-Good Luck.